Definition of turnbuckle in US English:



  • A coupling with female screw threads used to connect two rods, lengths of boat rigging, etc., lengthwise and to regulate their length or tension.

    • ‘Cowell keeps up his momentum and throws him into the turnbuckle before running into him like a speed train.’
    • ‘The bolt connects the elevator-control-cable turnbuckles to the push rods.’
    • ‘For a wood frame gate use a gate sag prevention kit that includes a turnbuckle for adjustments as the gate wears.’
    • ‘Instead of putting fittings and turnbuckles on the streamlined tie-rod, he bent it and welded it to the spar of the stabilizer.’
    • ‘This exposure in part accounts for the nautical know-how of his early sculptures, which were sometimes built like boats or internally rigged with cables and turnbuckles.’
    • ‘The steering and suspension are adjustable via turnbuckles.’
    • ‘He climbs up the turnbuckles and salutes his loyal Blackburn fans who cheer wildly.’