Definition of turn traitor in US English:

turn traitor


  • Betray a group or person.

    ‘to think of a man like you turning traitor to his class’
    • ‘He was afraid of the power I had, so he turned traitor.’
    • ‘It's the punishment for turning traitor and helping the opponents during a war.’
    • ‘Shocked by this news, each of us began to deny that we would ever turn traitor.’
    • ‘Another paper details the inner workings of a normally benign bug that has evolved drug-resistance and turns traitor when its human host is weakened by disease.’
    • ‘Others have turned traitor, switching allegiances from synthesisers to guitars.’
    • ‘You would trust a man that just had a ship shot out from under him, and turned traitor to his own service to help run your ship?’
    • ‘Friends turn traitor and fellow countrymen become the enemy in a war-torn world where the old rules are worthless.’
    • ‘She's already turned traitor on her own people once, and as convincing as her story is I'm not going to rule out the possibility she'll do it again.’
    • ‘One of the key prosecution witnesses at his trial was a trusted comrade who had turned traitor.’
    • ‘But there were other, subtler ways of turning traitor, and he felt her coming absence, looming two afternoons a week, as proof of that.’
    break one's promise to, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break faith with, play someone false, fail, let down
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