Definition of turn state's evidence in US English:

turn state's evidence


  • 1US (of a criminal) give information in court against one's partners in order to receive a less severe punishment oneself.

    • ‘Two of his codefendants confessed to their parts in the robbery, and one codefendant turned state's evidence in return for a reduced sentence.’
    • ‘He's thinking of turning state's evidence and wants me to try to get him immunity after the mess with the Bulls is cleared up.’
    • ‘Some read it as a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating turning state's evidence in antitrust trials.’
    • ‘Tye turned state's evidence, and has never been charged.’
    • ‘Jackson turned state's evidence against his cohorts.’
    • ‘He must say that I shall only leave him alone if he turns King's evidence and tells all he knows of the plot against the King.’
    • ‘He is currently serving seven years after admitting his role and has told the court he would have received 28 years if he had not turned Queen's evidence.’
    • ‘One turned state's evidence, admitted his involvement and expressed remorse.’
    • ‘And his drug suppliers turned state's evidence basically, got immunity and turned him in to a multi-agency taskforce.’
    • ‘This book relies predominantly on the evidence of pentiti, mafiosi who have turned state's evidence, to piece together a history.’
  • 2Give evidence for the prosecution.

    ‘persuading one-time gang members to turn state's evidence’
    • ‘Personally, I was surprised neither one of them tried to turn state's evidence against the other.’
    • ‘Anthony had made a deal with the District Attorney to turn state's evidence and testify against Smith, if they ever caught him.’
    • ‘I decide to turn state's evidence against the Bamboo Union, in particular against some very senior members on some very serious crimes.’
    • ‘They'll either prosecute him or they'll let him roll and turn state's evidence and get some kind of immunity.’
    • ‘It displays the old left assumption that all state sector workers should turn state's evidence, and state's investigator.’