Definition of turn something in in US English:

turn something in

phrasal verb

  • 1Give something to someone in authority.

    ‘I've turned in my resignation’
    • ‘At KMB, mobiles unclaimed after three months are offered back to the person who turned them in and if they don't want the phones, the mobiles are donated to charity, a spokeswoman said.’
    • ‘I had a strange thought at that moment that was entirely out of context: I wondered about mine and Calista's recycling project and how she would manage to turn it in if I did not return.’
    • ‘I should be turning in the manuscript next fall for a spring 2006 release.’
    • ‘The blank obverse side of the maps bear a list of the Obligaciones del Comprador-the duties of the purchaser-including, at the first signs of outbreak of civil disturbance, turning the map in to national authorities.’
    • ‘To this end an amnesty period of three to six months should be declared to allow those in possession of illegal unlicensed guns to turn them in to the authorities.’
    • ‘I had just told him that I was turning in and mentioned to him what I had found.’
    • ‘At the end of each day, completed evaluations were turned in to the facility coordinator, who was responsible for delivering completed evaluations to the materials management department at the end of the trial.’
    • ‘The study also points out that many students suffer by turning in their forms late.’
    hand in, hand over, give in, submit, tender, proffer, offer
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    1. 1.1 Produce or achieve a particular score or a performance of a specified quality.
      • ‘Phenomenal performances are turned in from all of the aforementioned artists.’
      • ‘Some really good bowling scores were turned in on this bowling day.’
      • ‘Two of the most captivating performances are turned in by the young men.’
      • ‘Just such performances were turned in last Saturday by Lions Kurt McGinnis.’
      • ‘In the boys division outstanding performances were turned in by Ian Alcee and newcomer Jervon Antoine.’
      • ‘Strong performances were turned in by Danys Baez of the Indians and Bret Prinz of the Diamondbacks.’
      • ‘The only other record was turned in by Cal, in the meet's final event, the 400 free relay.’
      • ‘Great performances were turned in by many members of the team.’
      • ‘In the first rotation, strong performances were turned in by three athletes.’
      • ‘Other memorable performances were turned in by Tipperary's Declan Browne.’
      achieve, attain, reach, make
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