Definition of turn someone over to in US English:

turn someone over to

phrasal verb

  • Deliver someone to the care or custody of (another person or body, especially one in authority)

    ‘they turned him over to the police’
    • ‘I wish they would turn her over to someone who cares for snapped minds, and not expect me, who has no training, to mind her.’
    • ‘They turned him over to police, where he's now in custody.’
    • ‘They should just turn him over to me, and I'll take care of the details.’
    • ‘Does the defense minister really have the authority to turn him over to Interpol anyway?’
    • ‘I shall not turn you over to any authority.’
    • ‘He turned Jeremy over to the local authorities.’
    • ‘She's such an adept survivalist that you start wondering why her parents would turn her over to the care of so callow a clod as Charlie, who runs out of ideas shortly after tearing his downed plane apart in a futile rage.’
    • ‘We need someone we can trust, who wants to find Kate as much we do, but won't turn us over to the authorities.’
    • ‘Well, after the ambulance came and everything was taken care of, I was turned over to the court system.’
    • ‘If we were turned over to the public, I think they'd string us up.’