Definition of turn someone in in US English:

turn someone in

phrasal verb

  • Hand someone over to the authorities.

    • ‘The girl's family turned him in to immigration authorities and he was deported.’
    • ‘U.S. authorities are distributing flyers hoping someone there will turn him in, if only for the reward.’
    • ‘He knows that it is his duty to hand Maria over to the authorities, but he is unable to turn her in.’
    • ‘With his accounts frozen, he reportedly could no longer pay the expenses of his hideout in Venezuela and, unsentimental to a fault, his ‘friends’ and protectors turned him in.’
    • ‘My heart split in two as my only friend turned me in for a crime I did not do.’
    • ‘When he is caught, the boys decide not to turn him in to the school authorities.’
    • ‘Her attacker was wearing an electronic tag at the time, and was eventually arrested and convicted - not because of the tag, but because a friend turned him in.’
    • ‘We could turn him in to the local authorities.’
    • ‘Then again, Marshall was one of my best friends, and turning him in would break our pact.’
    • ‘He did rob a couple dozen banks when he was a cop before his best friend turned him in.’
    hand over, turn over
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