Definition of turn someone/something into in US English:

turn someone/something into

phrasal verb

  • Cause to become (a particular kind of thing or person); transform into.

    ‘the town was turned into a thriving seaside destination’
    ‘every single good children's book has been turned into a feature-length cartoon’
    • ‘The very mention of India turns half your friends into travel Moonies.’
    • ‘Next, using ArcView desktop software, the operators turned the incremental data into 2 D maps for each table.’
    • ‘In each case, we've restructured the game, turned it into a new game.’
    • ‘The decision infuriated residents, who saw their once well-kept verges rapidly turn into wilderness.’
    • ‘RE Anthony Hargrove needs plenty of playing time to help turn his potential into production.’
    • ‘Working throughout the year can turn revision into an absolute breeze.’
    • ‘For what we are going to do now is consider how to turn a theme into a plot.’
    • ‘The wine of conservatism continues to slowly turn into the vinegar of tribal ideology.’
    • ‘Well, eventually techniques will be discovered to turn adult cells into pluripotent cells.’
    • ‘More experienced or properly trained journalists could have turned the situation into an educational opportunity for their audience.’