Definition of turn one's nose up at something in US English:

turn one's nose up at something


  • Show distaste or contempt for.

    ‘he turned his nose up at the job’
    • ‘It's easy for academics to turn their nose up at it, but time shows that it's wrong to say that because something is popular it isn't worthy.’
    • ‘How could I turn my nose up at something that offers me more income.’
    • ‘Teresa, tempted to stick her tongue out at her men for making disparaging remarks about women and their penchant for silly names, opted to turn her nose up at them.’
    • ‘But she was peeved when model Catalina turned her nose up at her vegetarian shepherd's pie.’
    • ‘On the other hand, this was going to give me a chance to lead from the front and surprise everyone, so I couldn't turn my nose up at it.’
    • ‘And if you're turning your nose up at all things frozen, you haven't been paying attention to Nigella Lawson recently.’
    • ‘I decided if I was going to continue turning my nose up at these products I should at least taste a few of them first.’
    • ‘Everyone turns their nose up at the tofu, me included - it's not my favourite thing in the world but it's the universal vegetarian default food.’
    • ‘While many will have no use for this feature, it's hard to turn your nose up at it.’
    • ‘However, at the risk of being accused, once again, at turning my nose up at something worthwhile, I do have to say that I have one or two reservations.’