Definition of turn one's hand to in English:

turn one's hand to


  • Undertake (an activity different from one's usual occupation)

    ‘a music teacher who turned his hand to writing books’
    • ‘His was a talent to touch on many different topics: he turned his hand to criticism about music, the drama and the visual arts.’
    • ‘Last year he turned his hand to transport design, undertaking a €35 million makeover of Eurostar trains.’
    • ‘I can't wait to turn my hand to some different projects and to spend more time with my family.’
    • ‘The late Nellie was a woman of many talents and could turn her hand to many different crafts.’
    • ‘So the audience also requires the makeup artists who makeup the humans - and that's what Peter's turning his hand to now: training film and TV makeup artists.’
    • ‘Jamie excelled at most things that he turned his hand to.’
    • ‘‘That's why I can turn my hand to so many different jobs,’ he said.’
    • ‘A farmer by occupation, he could turn his hand to other jobs, too, such as building, carpentry, gardening, butchering, poetry and lots of other chores about the house.’
    • ‘Shakespeare turned his hand to more literary endeavours; in April 1593, Venus and Adonis was entered in the Stationers Register, and in June, Richard Field, a Stratford man, published it.’
    • ‘An avid bodyboarder since he was 13, Steve says that the surf lifestyle influenced everything he turned his hand to, including his design degree at university.’
    tackle, take on, take on oneself, take up, accept, shoulder, handle, assume, manage, deal with, take responsibility for, take forward, be responsible for
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