Definition of turn against (or turn someone against) in English:

turn against (or turn someone against)

phrasal verb

  • Become (or cause someone to become) hostile toward.

    ‘public opinion turned against him’
    • ‘She didn't want to turn them against her.’
    • ‘Their idealism turns them against, not towards, the party.’
    • ‘He had robbed Carol and now he was turning Francis against her.’
    • ‘She turned Queen Rosalind against her husband.’
    • ‘Didn't she realize that by turning Kelley against me she was effectively stuffing up any chance of this family being able to function in a way that would be comfortable for all of us?’
    • ‘Olympias even managed to turn Alexander against his father.’
    • ‘Sutton's probably back at the Post right now turning Justin against me.’
    • ‘Serena rejects the offer and Lil accuses David of turning Serena against her.’
    • ‘He breeds death and destruction, and is turning Man against Man in his love of battle and war.’
    • ‘He turns Edward against his other elder brother George, Duke of Clarence, by libelling him with the suspicion of plotting to kill Edward, who imprisons him in the Tower.’
    become hostile to, take a dislike to, become unsympathetic to, become disenchanted with, become disillusioned with
    make hostile to, set against, cause to dislike, cause to be unfriendly towards, prejudice against, influence against
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