Definition of turn a blind eye in English:

turn a blind eye


  • Pretend not to notice.

    • ‘In many ways, I think he's given the Saudis a pass and he's turned a blind eye to them.’
    • ‘The heads of schools in some quarters show a blind eye to misconduct.’
    • ‘We cannot continue to turn a blind eye or ear and pretend that all is well when many people are hurting and yearning for help.’
    • ‘We cannot have a church which ignores the modern world and which turns a blind eye to society.’
    • ‘But there's nothing amicable or admirable about food prepared and presented as carelessly as this restaurant's often is, about an emphasis on quantity that turns a blind eye to quality.’
    • ‘Human nature makes men and their companies greedy and makes corrupt governments turn blind eyes.’
    • ‘It is a problem people are prepared to turn a blind eye to it because people rarely notice these sites as they are covered over.’
    • ‘Please, don't turn a blind eye or passively ignore what is happening.’
    • ‘To maintain suspicion requires not only ignoring the flaws in Wakefield's research, but also turning a blind eye to the large number of studies which show no causal link.’
    • ‘He turns a blind eye to the weapons that pass illegally through Shannon.’
    overlook, disregard, neglect, ignore, pay no attention to, pay no heed to, pass over, omit, gloss over, leave out, leave undone, forget
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