Definition of Turkey Day in US English:

Turkey Day


  • Thanksgiving Day.

    • ‘Pack your bags and celebrate Turkey Day in style with your favorite cartoon babies.’
    • ‘For instance, toward the end of November, "Now Playing" may highlight some Turkey Day recipes.’
    • ‘On Turkey Day, Dallas flubbed the other end of this law, not switching to deuce tries in the fourth.’
    • ‘Saying "Happy Turkey Day" just makes you sound ignorant.’
    • ‘An overwhelming majority of turkeys polled feel that Thanksgiving is not actually Turkey Day.’
    • ‘Football isn't the only game in town on Turkey Day.’
    • ‘Happy Thanksgiving is now Happy Turkey Day.’
    • ‘I hope you all have a blessed and safe Turkey Day.’
    • ‘Being thankful shouldn't end on Turkey Day, keep the spirit going!’
    • ‘If you're driving to Grandma's house for Turkey Day, you may be hard-pressed to count your blessings.’
    • ‘Well, Turkey Day weekend has come to a close.’
    • ‘The defending champions - the Lowell Cardinals - squared off against the Washington Eagles in a rematch of 2002's Turkey Day Championship.’
    • ‘Perhaps I'll set up a server over Turkey Day, it looks easy.’
    • ‘Only two-thirds of the 258 companies surveyed by the Bureau of National Affairs say they grant two days off for Turkey Day.’
    • ‘Rather than observing the importance of giving thanks; businesses refer to this day as "Turkey Day".’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Lions lost again so now the Packers have a little breathing room heading into the Turkey Day showdown.’
    • ‘She and her sister are squabbling over how to handle their 95-year-old Mother on Turkey Day.’
    • ‘I hope that folks who have good reasons to feel uncomfortable with Turkey Day are doing something fun to reclaim the holiday for their own purposes.’