Definition of turgidly in US English:



  • See turgid

    • ‘The keyboards were among the worst, least responsive and accurate I've ever used anywhere, and the operating system seemed turgidly slow and reluctant even when compared with my four-year old Celeron 400 system.’
    • ‘Instead I read him a passage from his book - a long, redundant, turgidly written paragraph, one of many - and asked him how he could possibly have written that.’
    • ‘I'm not referring here to fidgeting uncomfortably while an unseasoned actor lurches turgidly through thousands of rhyming couplets.’
    • ‘I won't try to quote him because, quite frankly, this is one of the most turgidly written books I have ever come across - in a discipline where turgidity is highly prized.’
    • ‘The day I was there, the head of the OEB hearing panel was turgidly churning through a ruling on energy conservation plans.’