Definition of turbocharge in US English:



[with object]often as adjective turbocharged
  • 1Equip (an engine or vehicle) with a turbocharger.

    1. 1.1 Add speed or energy to (something)
      ‘his turbocharged style of choreography’
      • ‘Then former President, eager to turbocharge growth, eased rules on credit cards.’
      • ‘Panke's bet assumes turbocharged growth in the second half, prompted in part by the new 5 Series.’
      • ‘Newspaper managers naturally want online businesses to turbocharge earnings - something they expect to happen eventually.’
      • ‘Follow his advice and you'll turbocharge muscle growth, drive up your metabolism, and increase your bone density, while shoring up your joints.’
      • ‘A new, versatile technology standard called WiMax is poised to turbocharge the growing business in wireless alternatives.’
      • ‘One way for big companies to grow faster is to use the Web to turbocharge their business.’