Definition of turbidity current in US English:

turbidity current


  • An underwater current flowing swiftly downslope owing to the weight of sediment it carries.

    • ‘Individual beds are well graded and show sedimentary structures indicative of deposition by turbidity currents.’
    • ‘The sands were emplaced by turbidity currents sourced from a delta system.’
    • ‘Both turbidite units are sand rich, and typically interpreted as the deposits of high-density turbidity currents.’
    • ‘High-density volcaniclastic turbidity current deposits locally dominate the base of the succession and indicate steep slope gradients.’
    • ‘Shepard was a member of the team which attempted to generate a turbidity current at the head of the Scripps Submarine Canyon.’


turbidity current

/tərˈbidədē ˌkərənt/