Definition of turbidimeter in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the turbidity of a liquid suspension, usually as a means of determining the surface area of the suspended particles.

    • ‘The filter turbidimeters continually monitor the turbidity of each filter as it goes into the clearwell.’
    • ‘Using light waves, turbidimeters measure the amount of suspended particles in a sample of water.’
    • ‘Compact and light-weight waterproof hand-held turbidimeters are designed for portability and durability’
    • ‘The online turbidimeters have reusable primary standards which are contained in sealed glass cuvettes.’
    • ‘The Turbidimeter Model 977 - C is an innovative turbidimeter which utilizes an insertion-type sensor.’
    • ‘Technological advances have introduced a variety of turbidimeters designed to meet different water-clarity objectives.’
    • ‘The turbidimeters are pre-calibrated and a simple zero adjustment is the only steps required prior to testing.’