Definition of turban squash in US English:

turban squash


  • A winter squash with a green and orange rind, shaped somewhat like a turban.

    • ‘Place turban squash, cut sides down, on oiled or foil covered baking sheet, and cover with more foil.’
    • ‘With a small sharp knife, cut the ‘topknot’ from the turban squash.’
    • ‘The turban squash's extravagant coloration makes this a favorite for holiday décor, but unlike the gourds it may hang out with, it's highly edible.’
    • ‘Good-quality turban squash will be firm, heavy for its size and have an even dark-green to partially yellow colour.’
    • ‘The skin of a turban squash will often be bumpy, but check for dents, bruises and cracks.’