Definition of tunny in US English:


(also tunny fish)


  • 1A tuna, especially the bluefin.

    • ‘My grandfather owned a tunny boat that sailed out of Whitby each summer.’
    • ‘During that time he had been the only angler to land a tunny fish by rod and line.’
    1. 1.1 Tuna as food.
      • ‘Put the spaghetti into the saucepan and move them about with a fork and spoon until they are thoroughly mixed with the sauce and the tunny.’
      • ‘When the tunny have been fried add a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and four tomatoes, peeled and the seeds removed, and a pinch of pepper.’
      • ‘After this masterpiece with its tunny fish salads and 'steak risotto' gets knocked down he'll be in Scotland, 'for the melancholia'.’


Mid 16th century: from French thon, via Latin from Greek thunnos.