Definition of tuning pin in US English:

tuning pin


  • A pin to which the strings of a piano or harpsichord are attached.

    • ‘Be careful with the string winding on the tuning pin, and don't let it dig down into the pin block.’
    • ‘The number of tuning pins in a piano averages around 230 or so and they all get turned during a normal tuning.’
    • ‘By setting the tuning pins back at a 15 degree angle, it is much easier to wind the wire onto the pin.’
    • ‘The position of the tuning pins in the pinblock and the wires over the bridge pins is quite sensitive.’
    • ‘In the past we often felt that the tighter the tuning pins the better the pinblock will hold.’
    • ‘Try to get a straight line from the tuning pin to the bridge pin, especially in the bass wires.’
    • ‘Turn the tuning pin clockwise, raising the pitch of the string, until it is at the proper pitch.’
    • ‘The tuning pins are not mounted in the metal harp as it appears when you look at the inside of the piano.’
    • ‘A tenon is the channel on your tuning pin which is intended to be filled with some sealing material.’
    • ‘The strings are attached to the frame at the bottom and to the tuning pins at the top.’


tuning pin

/ˈt(y)o͞oniNG ˌpin/