Definition of tundra swan in US English:

tundra swan


  • An Arctic-breeding migratory swan with a yellow and black bill often known by the names of its constituent races, e.g., whistling swan.

    Cygnus columbianus, family Anatidae

    • ‘After the plane arrives, we fly over the watery green plain, skimming above rivers of burnished silver and snowy flocks of tundra swan.’
    • ‘In October and November, as many as 50,000 migrating geese, ducks, and tundra swans stop at the refuge during their voyage along the Atlantic Flyway.’
    • ‘This is why we were all so excited to see the tundra swan this past Saturday.’
    • ‘I had 25,000 tundra swans.’
    • ‘Found and collected a bundle of tundra swan feathers.’
    • ‘Viewing the winter congregation of tundra swans at a refuge in the Klamath Basin of California and Oregon or on Oregon's Sauvie Island is enough to make you fall in love with birds.’
    • ‘The big draw here is in December: the snowy white tundra swan, with its elegant mien and clamoring call.’