Definition of tulsi in US English:



  • another term for holy basil
    • ‘A handful of tulsi leaves can also be added when boiling the water.’
    • ‘A sprig of tulsi plant, a piece of gold, or a few drops of Ganges River water are placed in the mouth to delay messengers of Yama, god of death.’
    • ‘She had few rules for us but one was to stay away from the tulsi, which we could never seem to do.’
    • ‘In the middle of the angan a cheerful green tulsi grew and all around it danced the images of white flowers and birds painted by the women of the house.’
    • ‘Stephanos remembers the tulsi seen outside temples whenever he sees the basil in Cyprus.’
    • ‘They would just grind a tulsi leaf or some other herb collected from the garden.’
    • ‘I follow her down the staircase into the garden for the tulsi, incessantly ringing the bell in my hand.’
    • ‘Walking through his fields the fragrance of wild tulsi crushed underfoot, I asked about the crops and the rains.’
    • ‘The organization distributes 20,000 tulsi plants free of cost every year.’
    • ‘According to her, tulsi could cure anything.’
    • ‘Since Hindus believe that death cannot harm the immortal soul, a dying person is administered a tulsi leaf and water.’


From Hindi tūlsī.