Definition of tullibee in US English:



  • A lake cisco (fish) of a deep-bodied race living in the Great Lakes of Canada.

    Coregonus artedii tullibee, family Salmonidae

    • ‘The tullibees will move up into this vegetation, and the pike and walleyes follow them in for a feast.’
    • ‘Research has shown that muskie prefer prey without sharp spines, such as tullibee and sucker.’
    • ‘Lake whitefish and tullibees are important cold water species.’
    • ‘For reasons unknown to biologists, it's usually the adult tullibees that perish during these die-offs.’
    • ‘Water quality is relatively good and this is demonstrated by the presence of a tullibee population, a cold-water fish species.’


Late 18th century: from Canadian French toulibi, ultimately from Ojibwa.