Definition of tuberous root in US English:

tuberous root


  • A thick and fleshy root like a tuber but without buds, as in the dahlia.

    • ‘A floating leaf with a cluster of tuberous roots can easily break from its floating branch to establish a new stand.’
    • ‘Its tuberous roots have a very strange shape; thick fleshy roots fan out in all directions from a central hub.’
    • ‘The leafy stems, bearing terminal preformed flower buds, sprout from the underground tuberous roots in early spring.’
    • ‘If planting a tuberous root, place the root horizontally in the bottom of the hole with the growth bud pointing toward the stake.’
    • ‘The primary bulb species used for gardens and landscapes include: true bulbs, corms, tubers, tuberous roots, rhizomes, and enlarged hypocotyls.’