Definition of tuberous in US English:


(also tuberose)


  • 1Botany
    Of the nature of a tuber.

    • ‘The ancestors of the Polynesians brought with them a group of agricultural plants distinguished by a variety of tree crops that produced nuts and fruits (including breadfruit) and a set of starchy tuberous crops, including taro and yams.’
    • ‘It grows from a creeping tuberous rhizome, a root-like horizontal stem growing just below the surface of the soil.’
    • ‘Basal leaves and flowers initiate from a tuberous rhizome and three green cauline leaves arranged in a whorl form an involucre around the developing flower.’
    • ‘The Arrow label covers crops such as soybeans, cotton, alfalfa, leafy tuberous and fruiting vegetables, sugar beets, peanuts, sunflowers and potatoes.’
    • ‘From these plantings come the staple tuberous vegetables of the Wemale people.’
    1. 1.1 (of a plant) having tubers or a tuberous root.
      • ‘Planting bulbous and tuberous plants under evergreen trees is not advisable.’
      • ‘A member of the arum family, the caladium is a tuberous - rooted, perennial, herbaceous plant, in leaf from May until late September.’
      • ‘Late flowering annuals and half-hardy perennials, like Rudbeckia, Nicotiana, Chrysanthemum and Argyranthemum come into their own now, along with tuberous plants like Begonia, Dahlia and Canna.’
      • ‘This tuberous perennial plant is native to southern Asia.’
      • ‘Being originally a mountain plant, the tuberous begonia grows superbly in cool mountain districts like Ballarat and Erica.’
  • 2Medicine
    Characterized by or affected by rounded swellings.

    ‘tuberous sclerosis’
    • ‘Cardiac rhabdomyomas occur in 50 percent of patients with tuberous sclerosis.’
    • ‘They learned it was a ‘shagreen patch’ - a classic symptom of TS, and discovered Robert's tumbles from bed were caused by epileptic fits sparked-off by a tuberous lesion - a benign tumour - in his brain.’
    • ‘At some point, seizures affect 80 percent of patients with tuberous sclerosis.’
    • ‘Two patients were known to have tuberous sclerosis.’


Mid 17th century: from French tubéreux or Latin tuberosus, from tuber (see tuber).