Definition of tube worm in English:

tube worm


  • 1A marine bristle worm, especially a fan worm, that lives in a tube made from sand particles or in a calcareous tube that it secretes.

    • ‘Aside from its temporary and permanently resident fish, the underside is decorated with sponges, hydroids, tunicates, tube worms, cup corals and anemones.’
    • ‘During this first dive, the team did discover a garden possibly less than one year old with tiny tube worms, mussels and clams all living together.’
    • ‘But he cherishes the occasional feather duster, a small tube worm that opens from live rock or other housing into a red and white umbrella of feathery tentacles, sifting the water for planktonic food.’
    • ‘Other types of deep-sea hot spots include hydrothermal vent communities, where specially adapted crabs, clams, and odd-looking tube worms gather around mineral-rich hot springs.’
    • ‘The baleen acts as a filter or strainer retaining only the food, which the whale maneuvers with its tongue so the gammarid amphipods, tube worms, mollusks, and other bottom invertebrates can be swallowed.’
    1. 1.1A pogonophoran or vestimentiferan worm.
      • ‘The Figueroa assemblage shares gastropods and vestimentiferan tube worms with both modern and other ancient vent communities, but is unique in containing rhynchonellide brachiopods.’
      • ‘They are members of the phylum Annelida, the group that includes segmented worms such as leeches, tube worms, and the familiar earthworm.’
      • ‘This food web is taken to the extreme in the Pogonophora tube worms that are found at some vents.’
      • ‘The presence of vestimentiferan tube worm fossils in the Figueroa deposit is at odds with the supposed time of origin of the modern vestimentiferans, based on molecular data.’
      • ‘ONE OF the most conspicuous groups of animals living in deep-sea chemosynthetic communities at hydrothermal vents are large vestimentiferan tube worms.’