Definition of tube sock in US English:

tube sock


  • A sock without a shaped heel.

    • ‘I was already wearing a pair of regular white tube socks, but I pulled the new pair on over them.’
    • ‘He has blue eyes, thinning white hair and a sunburned chest, and at the moment he is wearing red, white and blue short shorts, sneakers with tube socks, a thick gold bracelet, and nothing else.’
    • ‘Under NO circumstances should white mid calf socks or tube socks be worn with short pants.’
    • ‘Many wore striped tube socks pulled knee high and ultra long, ultra baggy court shorts more often seen in the NBA then on the squash court.’
    • ‘Though long, her dress wasn't long enough to cover up her white tube socks or black clogs.’
    • ‘His pants had been traded for a pair of green checkered boxers and he was wearing a pair of white tube socks, a thick red stripe around the ankle.’
    • ‘He had a dark blue tank top and black boxers on, I tried not to laugh at the white tube socks with the word ‘Friday’ written on them.’
    • ‘Place an old clean cotton tube sock over your dusting hand and lightly dampen it with your cleaner.’
    • ‘A friend buys her four-year-old son's socks in the girls' section, because he dislikes boring white tube socks, which are pretty much all that's available for boys.’
    • ‘Grab an old tube sock and fill it with dry white rice.’
    • ‘For slightly dusty blinds, put a clean, old cotton tube sock over one hand.’
    • ‘Wear worn-in shoes with a thick pair of tube socks?’
    • ‘During the period leading up to his capture, he used stolen credit cards to go on shopping sprees, bingeing on new clothes, especially tube socks.’
    • ‘While doing laundry, Dana has always secretly retired her family's stained and hole-filled tube socks from service.’
    • ‘Fill the tube sock about 3/4 full with rice. Use rubber bands to divide the sock into 3 sections in proportions equal to a head, a torso and legs.’
    • ‘Some players went the extra step, rocking white tube socks to the knees with blue and yellow stripes at the top.’
    • ‘‘Oh I'm shaking in my tube socks,’ I say sarcastically.’
    • ‘Black tights, white tube socks, and black clogs completed her ensemble.’
    • ‘For a smaller pack, use a large, clean cotton tube sock instead.’
    • ‘Now imagine if I was wearing that hat, and these hot tube socks!’