Definition of tsuris in US English:



North American
  • Trouble or woe; aggravation.

    • ‘Everyone got the drive-by descriptions; when she made a phone call, everyone heard the tales of woe and tsuris.’
    • ‘Oy, you give me such tsuris when you act like this.’
    • ‘All this tsuris so I can watch ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’’
    • ‘When you have my tsuris [troubles], you'll talk differently.’
    • ‘The idea of healing and transformation is entering the American vocabulary and will, we believe, eventually become part of the American dictionary, as frequently used as words like tsuris and chutzpah.’
    • ‘So I thought I'd indulge myself, after all this tsuris, by writing a paper with my own title parody, albeit on a quite different subject.’
    • ‘He doesn't need the money and he doesn't need the tsuris.’


Early 20th century: Yiddish, plural of tsore ‘trouble, woe’, from Hebrew ṣārāh.