Definition of tsarism in US English:


(also czarism, tzarism)


  • See tsar

    • ‘In the development of the revolutionary struggle against tsarism, what would be the relationship between the major classes opposed to tsarism - the bourgeoisie, peasantry and working class?’
    • ‘The most significant aspect of the Russian Revolution was the dominant political role played by the proletariat in the struggle against tsarism.’
    • ‘Only the united Balkan peoples can give a real rebuff to the shameless pretensions of tsarism and European imperialism.’
    • ‘But he should have considered the possibility - if only to reject it - that tsarism could have given way not to Bolshevism but to ‘liberal democracy,’ ‘social democracy’ or ‘peasant democracy.’’
    • ‘Or would the overthrow of tsarism, the establishment of a democratic republic and the beginning of the transition to socialism proceed on the basis of the growth of Russian capitalism and the emergence of a modern industrial proletariat?’