Definition of tsarevna in US English:



  • 1A daughter of a tsar.

    • ‘And the family of regal martyrs (Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, tsarevnas Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and tsarevich Alexey) bring us into the 20th century, representing the picture of new martyrs of Russia.’
    • ‘The children's nurse, M. Eagar, recalled the little tsarevnas diligently sewing away, scrunching up the waist of large pants to fit them into small waistbands.’
    • ‘Since the custom was for women to be excluded from participation in men's festivities, the tsarina and tsarevnas could satisfy their curiosity and look through a secret window in a small room that the Italian architects had added just for this purpose.’
    • ‘Equally in much demand were also relief images of ancient Russian warriors, powerful outposts, as well as tsarevnas with exuberant crown kokoshniks.’
  • 2The wife of a tsarevich.