Definition of try something on for size in US English:

try something on for size


  • Assess whether something is suitable.

    ‘he was trying on the role for size’
    • ‘She tries ideas on for size and asks you if they fit.’
    • ‘Asked how he feels about one hack's overwrought description of him as ‘the feathercut prince of the blues ‘, he frowns, repeats the phrase slowly and inquisitively as if trying it on for size, then quickly changes the subject.’’
    • ‘It was a different kind of acting, because the feelings were real, but it was like the two of them were trying the feelings on for size, like clothes to see if they fitted, and to see if they suited them.’
    • ‘Children try the world on for size through play.’
    • ‘So perhaps we shouldn't take it too seriously, but try these statements on for size.’
    • ‘Tesco, by contrast, tried the idea on for size, pioneering limited online shopping services in a single store before instigating a carefully planned rollout.’
    • ‘If that one episode isn't enough to convince you that season five is better at everything than you will ever be at anything, try these quotes on for size.’
    • ‘Since we are speculating, nevertheless, we could try these questions on for size.’
    • ‘‘Sarah’, Sari repeated, trying it on for size it seemed.’
    • ‘I won't go on too much about money-saving tips now, but try these articles for size.’
    test, try out, check out, put to the test, experiment with
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