Definition of truthfulness in US English:



  • 1The fact of being true; truth.

    ‘we have had to judge the truthfulness of the evidence’
    • ‘But somehow, in recent months, the horrible truthfulness of this has become crystal clear.’
    • ‘Evolutionary indoctrination had gradually gnawed away at his faith and he had wondered more and more about the truthfulness of the Bible account of history.’
    • ‘She had absolutely no doubt of the truthfulness of his story and told him so.’
    • ‘History has proven the truthfulness of this proposition.’
    • ‘Her story was told with evident reluctance, but in a simple, straightforward manner, that attested its truthfulness.’
    • ‘I accept that Paul believes in the truthfulness of what he told me.’
    • ‘It is for the Muslims to help the non-Muslims to appreciate the truthfulness of the Islamic teachings.’
    • ‘The truthfulness of the account he had given in his witness statement and his application was clearly being put in issue.’
    • ‘This meant it would have to have grave reservations about the truthfulness of any evidence given by these men.’
    • ‘It is probably the only story the famous humorist wrote which was supported by an affidavit to its truthfulness.’
    • ‘The truthfulness of a measurement is reflected in its reliability and validity.’
    • ‘This means that consumers and manufacturers have responsibility for checking the safety of dietary supplements and for determining the truthfulness of label claims.’
    • ‘Galileo had therefore crossed the line set out sixteen years earlier - he had promoted an idea contrary to Scripture without providing convincing proof of its truthfulness.’
    • ‘Some people question the truthfulness of childhood memories, which are often not recovered for decades.’
    • ‘There was a pause in their discussion as the truthfulness of her declaration brought about different reactions in the two people sitting side by side.’
    • ‘It does not undermine in any way the truthfulness or credibility of the evidence.’
    • ‘On the shoulders of these three clubs rests the continued truthfulness behind the assumption that defenses do win championships.’
    • ‘The federal rules of evidence were amended in 1975 whereby judges were required to admit expert testimony and juries had to decide on its merit or truthfulness.’
    • ‘We have had to judge the truthfulness of the evidence at one remove, forced to rely either on reporters telling us, or actors re-creating for us, what the witnesses said.’
    • ‘Take this example which I heard via a few degrees of separation, I couldn't exactly vouch for its truthfulness.’
    honesty, veracity, sincerity, lack of deceit, trustworthiness, genuineness, candour, candidness, frankness, openness, forthrightness
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    1. 1.1 The fact of being realistic or true to life; realism.
      ‘the truthfulness of her playing of an aging American spinster’
      • ‘For all these films' formal originality and sophistication, for all their self-consciousness, finally what makes them extraordinary is their directness, their effortless grace and beauty and truthfulness.’
      • ‘With its characteristic emphasis on truthfulness, this self-portrait can hardly be described as flattering.’
      • ‘Here's a soundtrack that really matches the truthfulness of the film itself.’
      • ‘There is a truthfulness to the second part that makes it distinctively better and more interesting than the first.’