Definition of truth condition in US English:

truth condition


  • 1The condition under which a given proposition is true.

    • ‘Neither kind of truth condition has proved entirely satisfactory.’
    • ‘Consequently, he suggests alternative truth conditions for propositions of the form Possibly p, namely, that it is possible that p be true in some possible world.’
    • ‘Conditions 1 and 2 jointly entail the truth condition for knowledge: S knows b to have F (at t) only if b does have F (at t).’
    • ‘The belief condition excludes ignorance, the truth condition excludes error, and the justification condition excludes mere opinion.’
    • ‘The resulting sentence would have a different flavour, and in some instances would be mildly eccentric, but would not have a different truth condition.’
    1. 1.1 A statement of the condition under which a given proposition is true, sometimes taken to be the meaning of the proposition.
      • ‘Such a response, however, requires a satisfactory account of the truth conditions of modal statements - something that lies outside the scope of this article’
      • ‘We see that for different reasons none of these candidates can be included in the truth conditions for statements of the form ‘A remembers that p.’ I believe we do not have the conception of anything else that might fill the gap.’
      • ‘Nothing in this statement of the truth conditions of a counterfactual conditional seems to make any reference, either explicit or implicit, to causality.’
      • ‘Roughly put, noncognitivists think that moral statements have no truth conditions.’