Definition of trunkfish in US English:



  • another term for boxfish
    • ‘Boxfish, also known as trunkfish or cowfish, can be found in warm ocean waters, where they linger near the seafloor to hunt for burrowing invertebrates.’
    • ‘Adult trunkfishes are often categorized to subfamily and genus based on carapace characters, particularly the location and number of spines on the carapace.’
    • ‘On the reef we saw nervous trunkfish, snappers and the odd barracuda.’
    • ‘Around the two Piton sites we shared the ocean with parrotfish, trumpetfish, smooth trunkfish, cornetfish, tiger grouper, a trio of barracuda, rock beauties, Spanish hogfish and many more exotic species.’
    • ‘The spinner dolphins that had followed the boat out were not to be seen; instead there were unicornfish, clouds of snappers, fusiliers and the odd trunkfish.’