Definition of trumpeter swan in English:

trumpeter swan


  • A large migratory swan with a black and yellow bill and a honking call, breeding in northern North America.

    • ‘The diverse landscape acts as a migratory rest stop for more than 30,000 snow geese and 1,300 trumpeter swans, while the Skagit River produces important runs of all five species of salmon.’
    • ‘The white form below us was not a rock but one of the most beautiful and graceful of creatures, the trumpeter swan.’
    • ‘And in Wisconsin conservationists fear efforts to reintroduce the trumpeter swan could be undermined by the presence of its larger, more aggressive cousin.’
    • ‘The trumpeter swan, largest and rarest of the world's eight swan species, was once a common nesting bird in north, west, and central North America.’
    • ‘With a little luck and patience, you can see moose, pronghorns, bighorn sheep, coyotes, wolves, black bears, and grizzlies as well as ospreys, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, and lots of other birds.’


trumpeter swan

/ˈtrəmpədər swän/