Definition of trumpet vine in US English:

trumpet vine

(also trumpet creeper)


  • A climbing shrub with orange or red trumpet-shaped flowers, cultivated as an ornamental.

    Genus Campsis, family Bignoniaceae: the North American C. radicans and the Chinese C. grandiflora

    • ‘The trumpet vine rewards us with magnificent orange-red flowers, seems almost impervious to storms and can be planted directly into the sand.’
    • ‘A creeper that is flowering at the present and is very worthwhile growing is the orange trumpet creeper.’
    • ‘This trumpet vine is very similar to C. radicans but blooms in late summer and fall.’
    • ‘Clinging vines, which include trumpet vine, climbing hydrangea and English ivy, adhere to a surface with tiny aerial rootlets that grow from the stems.’
    • ‘In our southeastern Ohio garden, the hummers love ‘Gartenmeister’ fuchsia, lantana, orange trumpet creeper, delphinium, coral bells, and zinnias.’


trumpet vine

/ˈtrəmpət vīn/