Definition of trumpet shell in US English:

trumpet shell


  • The shell of a large marine mollusk which can be blown to produce a loud note.

    Several species in the class Gastropoda, in particular the triton (Charonia tritonis, family Cymatiidae)

    • ‘Perhaps, however, it is more diverting to pick up some unique shells and trumpet shells along the beautiful beaches of Sanya by yourself.’
    • ‘One fun thing is that if you carefully hold this trumpet shell next to your ear, you can hear the ocean!’
    • ‘Intertidally, tritons and trumpet shells live on coral reefs or rocky shores, where they feed on a wide variety of invertebrate animals.’
    • ‘Outside on the reef are numerous lava formations sheltering critters such as cleaner wrasse, conger eels, tritons, trumpet shells and schooling squirrelfish.’
    • ‘Many shells were found, such as money cowries, tiger cowries, cone shells, abalone, spider shells, and the prize one of a large trumpet shell.’