Definition of true to form (or type) in US English:

true to form (or type)


  • Being or behaving as expected.

    ‘true to form, they took it well’
    • ‘And Martin, true to form, did not let the cat out of the bag.’
    • ‘The show dealt with the degeneration of youth culture, and, true to form, spent some time lambasting tabletop role-playing games.’
    • ‘But, true to form as with previously annual quizzes the event went like clockwork.’
    • ‘He was simply acting true to form, playing games with party members, particularly the growing number who had lost faith in his leadership.’
    • ‘He, true to form, behaves like a cad and leaves her for the gambling tables and his deserved fate.’
    • ‘The whole centre is in need of regeneration and, as true to form, it is the private investor that sets the standard.’
    • ‘Ultimately, and true to form, the woman is portrayed as the weaker sex.’
    • ‘Is this the beginning of a cleverly-crafted ideological shift or is Jack, true to form, merely trying to save his own skin?’
    • ‘This spicy organic example is true to type, with summery, grape and orange peel aromas and zesty, crisp acidity.’
    • ‘And true to form, my pattern of destruction had started its cycle again.’