Definition of true leaf in US English:

true leaf


  • A foliage leaf of a plant, as opposed to a seed leaf or cotyledon.

    • ‘Sectoring events were observed in roots, cotyledons and the first true leaves, but no systematic description of sector frequency, sector size or any other parameter was undertaken.’
    • ‘Arabidopsis seedlings grown on media containing 300 mM glucose or sucrose fail to become green or to develop expanded cotyledons or true leaves.’
    • ‘The embryo is comprised of the embryonic axis (incorporating the embryonic root and the hypocotyl), a single cotyledon, containing the first true leaves, and the scutellum.’
    • ‘In the study of leaf growth and flowering time, pre-cultivation ended after 14 d when the plants had two true leaves with petioles.’
    • ‘Plants overexpressing both R and GL1 produce many trichomes on cotyledon and hypocotyl surfaces and more trichomes on true leaves than plants overexpressing R alone.’