Definition of true-life in English:



  • True to life; realistic.

    ‘a story adapted from the true-life confessions of a Bayonne Mafioso’
    • ‘Whichever situation is represented here, the painting seems like a snapshot of lion behavior, a realistic representation of a true-life event the painter witnessed firsthand.’
    • ‘Her book, based on her true-life adventures with the animals of Kenya, became a world-wide best seller, captivating millions with her stories of life in Africa among the wild animals.’
    • ‘Pierre's true-life journey from debt-ridden drug addict to Booker Prize winner has been a stranger-than-fiction ride.’
    • ‘The film is based on a still-unresolved true-life tale.’
    • ‘He paints a true-life picture of lawless New York in 1840 where the streets are replete with socially maladjusted persons and criminals.’
    • ‘He was now a cocky Harvard graduate, playing off his true-life college accomplishments.’
    • ‘But true-life tales of memory loss don't offer just drama - they also shed light on the mysteries of identity and personality.’
    • ‘On the surface, both movies sound similar: true-life character studies of women who have found a degree of fame through a career in the adult entertainment industry.’
    • ‘Some of his true-life stories are sweet and tender but when he really hits home for me is when he is alone talking to himself or lashing out passionately at hypocrisy, arrogance, falsity and materialism.’
    • ‘With a huge, floating cast of non-professional actors, this is a staggering achievement - many were apparently trained for a year and then set to work on an autobiographical source novel containing true-life stories.’
    • ‘That's why you owe it to the readers, even though it is fiction, to be as honest as you can with those day-to-day, true-life details.’
    • ‘Some of the characters, such as spoilt Premiership stars, shifty agents and publicity-mad bimbos, are instantly identifiable with true-life equivalents and not altogether far-fetched.’
    • ‘This alternately harrowing and touching story of tragedy and hope has been impressing viewers and critics for years, and the prospect of witnessing this true-life horror story on the big screen is cause for excitement.’
    • ‘It would be based on true-life situations inside the Houston Police crime lab.’
    • ‘Best Boy is one of those rarities, a true-life documentary that transcends its basic subject matter and premise to say something universal about the human condition.’
    • ‘The true-life trial was one of medicine versus religion, but a lot of embellishment has occurred to make the screenplay appealing to a mainstream audience.’
    • ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese presents lyric moments of intensity belonging to a narrative of true-life domestic romance, and Modern Love tells the story of a marriage's dissolution.’
    • ‘This bleak, violent, but moving film, based on a true-life case of homophobic murder in America's mid-west, carried a strongly feminist message and made no concessions to the multiplex audience.’
    • ‘Create a family map, design a crest, learn the true-life adventures of your ancestors and use their memories to make new ones.’
    • ‘We highly recommend this gorgeous, briskly-told picture, which avoids all the usual conventions of the true-life disaster tale.’