Definition of true-false test in US English:

true-false test


  • A test consisting of statements that must be marked as either true or false.

    • ‘When you were in school you used to take something called a true-false test, and if you answered true, it was the truth; if you answered false, it was a lie.’
    • ‘It is a nine-item true-false test designed to measure patients' knowledge of three postoperative pulmonary exercises - deep breathing/coughing, turning in bed, and early ambulation.’
    • ‘We found no significant correlations, which suggested that importance and difficulty ratings are not good predictors of memory accuracy on this true-false test.’
    • ‘This, and the fact that the texts were presented one sentence at a time, may have lessened the relationship between some of the structural variables and the ratings and, perhaps, the accuracy on the true-false test.’
    • ‘The true-false test contained two types of items.’