Definition of true-born in US English:



  • attributive Of a specified kind by birth; genuine.

    ‘a true-born criminal’
    • ‘The true-born Athenians are keen and critical auditors, constant in their attendance at plays and spectacles.’
    • ‘John was a true-born features journalist; he knew the job of the ‘I’ word.’
    • ‘During imperial times, that archetypal native, John Bull, was swaggeringly sure of himself: common sense told this true-born Englishman that he was also a Briton and as such the representative of an empire that straddled the globe.’
    • ‘Well the shoulder joint's something like a ball and socket joint, but it's different to the hip; the hip's a true-born socket, where the ball is held by the socket.’
    • ‘For just a moment, she sounds like a true-born radical, a daughter of the liberation fighters who freed much of Africa from colonialism when she was a child.’
    • ‘‘When America speaks from its heart, it retreats into a language that none but its true-born citizens can begin to understand.’’