Definition of trudgen in US English:



  • A swimming stroke like the crawl with a scissors movement of the legs.

    • ‘The efficiency of the evolving speed strokes - overarm sidestroke, trudgen and, later, the crawl stroke-could now be tested more accurately and scientifically.’
    • ‘Freestyle in those days was the trudgen, an alternating overarm stroke with a scissors kick.’
    • ‘John Trudgen developed the hand-over-hand stroke, then named the trudgen.’
    • ‘The trudgen stroke is a key link in the evolution of strokes from the breaststroke to the crawl.’
    • ‘The strokes swum on the back include back stroke or back crawl, elementary backstroke, inverted breaststroke, inverted butterfly, back double trudgen, flutter back finning and feet first swimming.’


Late 19th century: named after John Trudgen (1852–1902), English swimmer.