Definition of truck farm in US English:

truck farm


  • A farm that produces vegetables for the market.

    • ‘Truck derives from the old French troquer meaning ‘to barter; give in exchange ‘(hence the US usage of truck farm for a market garden, because its produce was often bartered rather than sold; it has nothing to do with vehicles).’’
    • ‘In the 1950s the land on the western edge of the city of Albany was largely truck farms.’
    • ‘Gone were the orchards, truck farms, and grasslands of his childhood.’
    • ‘By the late nineteenth century when agricultural boosters arrived, they found a ‘derelict’ not ‘pristine ‘Everglades and set out to create subtropical truck farms.’’
    • ‘Throughout his childhood, his family lived on a succession of truck farms in Arizona and southern California.’


truck farm