Definition of trove in English:



  • A store of valuable or delightful things.

    ‘the museum's trove of antique treasure’
    • ‘The knights had amassed a large trove of wealth over the years which led them to be accredited with the invention of modern banking.’
    • ‘The walls around flicker with refractions from the gem-encrusted trove that is the Iranian Crown Jewels.’
    • ‘A long-sought trove of rare Beatles material reportedly found last month by a British tourist remained lost, a leading Beatles expert said.’
    • ‘A trove of compositions was found in a private collection and now his most famous, The Four Seasons, is a favourite.’
    • ‘The legendary Faberge created a trove of treasures for the Tsars that endure as priceless examples of the craftsman's art.’
    • ‘The site also houses a trove of audio and video clips, including a recording of William Gladstone in 1888.’
    • ‘Be warned: a day in this museum can leave you wondering whether even a week would be enough to appreciate the trove of sublime art and its arcane technologies of the after-life.’
    • ‘The book has been a manual for artists and a trove for scholars - and a refined erotic peepshow - since its first printing in 1499.’
    • ‘Sure, many of the heavyweights featured in the series are no longer around, but the BBC managed to unearth a trove of old footage, much of which had not been seen previously by a British audience.’
    • ‘In short, there is a rich trove of primary source material from which to work.’
    • ‘The archipelago is a trove of biological treasures.’
    • ‘They were ruthless and greedy, plundering king's troves of gold and any treasure they can get their thieving claws on.’
    • ‘To many paleoanthropologists, Chad is somewhat off the beaten path for hominid evolution, when compared with the famous fossil troves of southern and eastern Africa.’
    • ‘I admit that I don't often go hunting for such troves - our house has only so much room to store them.’
    • ‘Today, these records offer troves of treasures to museum curators, anthropologists, and historians of science.’
    • ‘Reading my sister's letters was a strangely voyeuristic pleasure, and I imagined a reader could feel that way, as if he'd discovered a trove of letters in the floor of an old house.’
    • ‘The find revealed a trove of fabulous treasures in gold and precious stones that showed the wealth and craftsmanship of the Pharaonic court’
    • ‘The rents, explicit and implicit, would then become part of the public troves.’
    • ‘Though not impressive in its visual presentation, the site is a trove of interesting material on world civilization.’
    • ‘The two shows dug deep into archival troves and directed viewers and art historians toward an expansion of both sources and resources, resurrecting artists and specific works from historical oblivion.’


Late 19th century: from treasure trove.