Definition of trout pout in English:

trout pout


  • Unnaturally swollen lips resulting from the injection of excessive collagen into the lips in a cosmetic procedure intended to enhance their appearance.

    ‘despite celebrity trout pouts, there's a rush on for lip enhancements’
    • ‘When my friends found out I was getting my lips done they were very worried, especially with all the bad publicity around stars and their 'trout pouts'.’
    • ‘She recently flirted with a "trout pout".’
    • ‘"Inadequate and inappropriately performed cosmetic treatments can lead to facial scarring, blistering or a trout pout," he pointed out.’
    • ‘I don't think trout pout even comes close to describing those lips.’
    • ‘Or she went for collagen, and ended up with a trout pout.’
    • ‘What will they make of her motives when they discover her new trout pout?’
    • ‘Remember the awful sight of that trout pout?’
    • ‘Although the resulting "trout pout", as it cruelly became known, has been mitigated by further surgery, the criticism she attracted at the time showed the stigma that attaches to celebrities who attempt to improve on nature.’
    • ‘Anyone warned off by the fear of ending up with an exaggerated "trout pout" needn't fear.’
    • ‘Apparently the trout pout isn't half as bad as it was.’
    • ‘Who needs to spend a fortune on collagen injections to achieve a "trout pout", when you can get it for free in the North Sea?’