Definition of trouser in US English:



  • 1as modifier Relating to trousers.

    ‘his trouser pocket’
    ‘a trouser press’
    • ‘Slowly, she slid a hand into her trouser pocket and pulled out a small, black radio which was shaped like a phone.’
    • ‘The study - the first to indicate that mobile phones have a negative effect on sperm counts - found that men most affected were those who kept their phones in their trouser pocket, or in a belt holster.’
    • ‘There was a tear in his left trouser leg, just above the knee, blood was staining the fabric there.’
    • ‘Anecdotally, some patients have also reported pain after routinely wedging bulky wallets into their trouser pockets.’
    • ‘When they were ready, she took a small pouch from her trouser pocket.’
    • ‘She pointed at a bulge in his right trouser pocket.’
    • ‘The man was unloading his car when an unknown assailant grabbed him while an accomplice pulled cash out of his trouser pocket.’
    • ‘She reached inside her trouser pocket and brought out a necklace, heavily jeweled.’
    • ‘Cozy guest bedrooms upstairs with en suite showers, television and trouser presses provide privacy and personal space.’
    • ‘She reached into her trouser pocket for a flare, and lit it.’
    • ‘Always in their best grey suits, they nevertheless fail the sartorial test by wearing trainers which glare from under their trouser cuffs.’
    • ‘I remove a scuffed up piece of paper from my trouser pocket and put on my best reading voice.’
    • ‘Men should avoid carrying wallets in back trouser pockets.’
    • ‘Without further ado, the man reached down and snatched the letter from her trouser pocket.’
    • ‘He said the company had embraced fresh thinking in the past - en-suite facilities in bedrooms were a novelty 20 years ago, along with televisions and trouser presses.’
    • ‘Alan patted a small packet wrapped in brown paper and twine that protruded from his trouser pocket.’
    • ‘He mumbled and stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets.’
    • ‘You check yourself and discover you've torn a trouser leg and your knee is bleeding and your knuckles are cut up.’
    • ‘I'm not saying I'm unaccustomed to luxury, but I did get quite excited to find I had an executive trouser press in my room.’
    • ‘You can use a hanger with clamps or slide the slacks onto a trouser rod or regular hanger.’
    1. 1.1 A trouser leg.
      ‘his trouser was torn’
      • ‘He pulls back the trouser of his left leg and reveals a shaft of shiny brown plastic with a wooden foot squeezed into a second-hand running shoe.’
      • ‘He scratches his right leg, lifting his trouser to reveal a wide, curved scar.’
      • ‘Decker pulled up the trouser of his left leg and began to wrap the dressing around his calf and shin.’
      • ‘With that he yanked up the trouser of his right leg to expose the prosthesis that was there.’
      • ‘Cuffs should be 1 5/8 inches, which give weight to the bottom of the pant, creating a more balanced transition from the trouser to the shoe.’
    2. 1.2 (chiefly in commercial use) a pair of trousers.
      ‘the return of the high-waisted trouser’