Definition of troublemaker in US English:



  • A person who habitually causes difficulty or problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority.

    • ‘The police always say that they need to be able to identify troublemakers and having CCTV cameras would make this possible.’
    • ‘The authority was continuing to crack down on troublemakers and was making streets cleaner.’
    • ‘Residents have also been urged to gather information on troublemakers in a bid to turn the estate's fortunes around.’
    • ‘Uniform and plain clothes officers will attempt to snare troublemakers before warmer weather increases fire risks.’
    • ‘But police say anti-social behaviour remains a problem and vowed to crackdown on troublemakers.’
    • ‘The officers have radios and mobile phones and have authority to ask passengers to produce tickets and to ask troublemakers to get off.’
    • ‘The Austrian authorities soon marked him down as a troublemaker as he encouraged trade unions and attacked the Catholic Church.’
    • ‘He said most of the trouble was down to a handful of hard-core troublemakers who were well known to police and the courts.’
    • ‘These new powers will give us the ability to intervene when there are signs of trouble and get rid of the troublemakers.’
    • ‘We got rid of the troublemakers and we really started to do well.’
    • ‘Plainclothes and uniformed officers will be on patrol to prevent would-be troublemakers boarding flights.’
    • ‘For some time, licensees have used the early warning bleeper system to alert one another and the police of any troublemakers at large.’
    • ‘Neither should travellers be automatically regarded as troublemakers, she contends.’
    • ‘A second wall is being built around the old walled city, and a prison is being cleared out to house the troublemakers.’
    • ‘Authorities described the youths as troublemakers bored during a current school summer vacation.’
    • ‘Landlords share information about troublemakers and telephone each other to warn about rowdy drinkers.’
    • ‘This time CCTV will be closely monitored around the ground and troublemakers will be instantly arrested.’
    • ‘The authorities need to formulate and implement effective measures to keep these troublemakers off the streets.’
    • ‘Park users are calling for more resources for the parks constabulary and measures to lock out troublemakers at night.’
    • ‘Lately it has become a meeting point for young troublemakers.’
    mischief-maker, rabble-rouser, firebrand, agitator, ringleader, incendiary, inciter, instigator
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