Definition of trou in US English:


plural noun

in phrase drop trou
  • Pull down one's pants, especially in public as a humorous stunt.

    • ‘Some of the standards include big lips smacking a kiss or a heavyset cartoon character who drops trou and cuts the cheese.’
    • ‘You can sew butt protectors into the seat of your pants, but don't be surprised if you're asked to drop trou.’
    • ‘Verona dropped trou right there and mooned them as they were heading up.’
    • ‘So he dropped his guard as he dropped trou and commenced his downward spiral.’
    • ‘Conversely, there are also the players who hit on me; perhaps because I talk a good line and seem like I'd drop trou for anyone who happened to wink my way.’
    • ‘The principal made the boys drop trou in the bathroom, while a female teacher patted the girls down.’
    • ‘I actually had to drop trou so it was a good thing that I'd thought ahead and had worn sensible unmentionables; very cute boy shorts, just so you know.’
    • ‘Perhaps you are still wondering who will, as we boorish Yanks say, drop trou in the movie?’
    • ‘When Emmett looks for a sassier derriere, the doctor obligingly summons his hunky staff and has them drop trou to show the goods.’
    • ‘He's particularly humiliated - forced to drop trou and wave his knickers about for the sake of a bad punchline that never comes.’
    • ‘Once, when I was young and foolish, I almost spent the night in jail for dropping trou in public.’
    • ‘He was first to drop trou' and wear a lamp-shade on his head at all of the Sailor Frat parties and ice-cream socials, but nobody ever looked his way; nobody every laughed at his well-meaning funnies.’
    • ‘She removes her top and he then drops trou.’
    • ‘I must be willing to drop trou for anyone else, sight unseen.’
    • ‘Thus Tiffany, Jerry, and Natalie drop trou, as well as everything else, and their extended full frontal aerobics gets them the much-needed publicity they seek.’
    • ‘The boy drops trou at so much as a downward glance!’
    • ‘I know Rich is definitely not planning on dropping trou.’
    • ‘Look the other way when he drops trou.’
    • ‘This is one lover of yours that won't be dropping trou for you.’


Early 20th century: short for trousers; the phrase drop trou is first recorded in the 1960s.