Definition of tropopause in US English:



  • The interface between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

    • ‘The tropopause - the boundary between these two layers - varies in altitude from 8 to 18 km (dashed white lines), depending on Earth latitude and season of the year.’
    • ‘We've observed warming of the Earth's land surface and oceans, cooling of the stratosphere, an increase in height of the tropopause, retreat of Arctic sea ice, and widespread melting of glaciers.’
    • ‘The probe will hit the coldest layer of the atmosphere, the tropopause, at about 28 miles, where expected temperatures hover around minus 390 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 200 degrees Celsius).’
    • ‘The easiest is the ‘instantaneous forcing’ - the change is made and the difference in the net radiation at the tropopause is estimated.’
    • ‘It extends from the Earth's surface to the tropopause, the name given to the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere.’


Early 20th century: from Greek tropos ‘turning’ + pause.