Definition of tropicbird in US English:



  • A tropical seabird with mainly white plumage and very long central tail feathers.

    Family Phaethontidae and genus Phaethon: three species

    • ‘The island also has a population of white-tailed tropicbirds, known as the Bermuda longtails.’
    • ‘Red-tailed tropicbirds used to be hunted for their extraordinary tail feathers, and off the majestic cliffs of Malabar we witnessed their extraordinary aerobatic displays against the vast backdrop of sea and sky.’
    • ‘Vocalizations are variable with species, and range from the sharp piercing whistle of the tropicbirds to the guttural grunting of cormorants.’
    • ‘I am still amazed by the lifeless waters along the coast - no gulls, no terns, no frigatebirds or tropicbirds, no herons.’
    • ‘Albatrosses were already aloft, with occasional tropicbirds weaving between them.’